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Feed & Flourish with Poh’s product picks

If your cooking has been in hibernation mode all winter, now’s the time to clear the benches and give it another go. (And starting with exciting new kitchen gadgets certainly helps!)

Here are a few helpful products behind this month’s Feed & Flourish cookbook to inspire your return to the kitchen.

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Elevate your cheese platters with a good set of cheese knives. Choose a set that caters to hard and soft cheeses, like this Stanley Rogers number. They feature a natural wood grain handle and a knife for spreading super gooey cheeses, pastes or paté.


“I’ve been using wooden chopping boards as grazing paddles way before Instagram made them famous. Not just because they’re handy for serving everything up in one piece, but because there’s something truly wholesome about serving gourmet goodies on a unique wood grain.”


Pasta machines can really open-up your pasta-making potential. Learn how to make Poh’s semolina pasta from scratch, then experiment with different kinds of pasta from lasagna to fettucine, spaghetti and ravioli with a good pasta machine. Great sauce takes patience and good quality ingredients.


Give Poh’s life-changing recipe a go using fresh spring tomatoes; making sure to use good cookware that lets you simmer, not stick. Moneta’s Aria and Nova range are induction-friendly and come with a protective coating.


Desserts don’t need to be complicated to be impressive. Poh’s affogato recipe is simple, scrumptious and can be served-up right in front of your guests.


Make the espresso with an authentic stovetop coffeemaker (like the Bialetti below) then pour it over a scoop of your favourite vanilla ice-cream. Using double-walled glasses will make them look extra special (and a shot of your favourite liqueur will make them taste extra special).


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Luigi Bormioli
6pc Incanto Glass

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