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Top 5 Items Worth Investing In This Winter According to Shaynna Blaze.

Winter is well and truly here, but why endure it when you can enjoy it? Award-winning designer Shaynna Blaze shares her top five items worth investing in this winter to ensure you not only stay comfortable, but look forward to embracing the colder season each year.

Tip 1 – Layer up with Lots of Blankets

As our lifestyles naturally change with the colder season, so should our homes. Bring out the winter woollies and look forward to cosy nights snuggled up in your favourite blanket.

“My first tip, lots of blankets that sit in a basket and are perfect to snuggle up on the couch with, and sharing one is even better!” says Shaynna of her first winter essential.

Throws and blankets have become the norm in most Australians’ living rooms, and they have a purpose to serve when the chill strikes. From chunky knitted throws to comfy fleece blankets, a warm blanket goes a long way especially for owners of leather couches.

Surviving winter is all about layers, and the more throws and blankets the merrier; working well not only for the living room, but also across one’s bed. “I am loving my new Shaynna Blaze Australian Wool Blankets as they are big and warm enough for a bed as well as very luxurious for the couch, but they are also fine enough to fold up in a basket without being too bulky.” says Shaynna.

Placing a thick blanket across the width of a bed and complementing it with a smaller throw that runs vertically not only adds layers, but also looks stylish and keeps you warm.


Tip 2 – Warm up Your House, and Your Hands

Many of our kitchen appliances get used day-in day-out, and with that comes the daily wear and tear. Another winter essential that will keep you warm this winter is the kitchen staple – the kettle.

“It sounds like a common item for winter, but a lot of people have had their old kettles for a long time, and a new quality kettle can instantly transform your kitchen style as a beautiful display piece as well as keep you warm in winter,” says Shaynna.

Instantly worth it for the stress they save when you’re shut-in due to cold weather, a new quality kettle will have you braving the cold to make your favourite cup of coffee before work or a tasty soothing tea as you curl up on the couch.

“Have a kettle on my top five list of things to invest in winter? Absolutely!” says Shaynna. “It is all about getting the things you need to keep you comfortable but also, in the end, feel luxurious!”

Grabbing yourself a cute mug will ensure you get the most out of your new kettle. “Most people will already have a standard set of kitchen mugs, but finding a quality mug with a stylish print or a giant mug that works for tea and coffee as well as soup is even better!”

Tip 3 – Double up in the Bathroom

Early morning showers in a cold bathroom during winter are what most people think of when the cold weather is looming. Investing in additional pieces for the cooler months for your bathroom is one great way to ensure you wake up on the right side of the bed.

“I invest in heat lamps for the bathroom as well as having two bath mats on the go,” says Shaynna. “Bath mats don’t always dry as quick as you think in the winter and having another set to switch out can make all the difference as you step out of the shower.”

Bath towels too can take a longer time to dry in the winter months, and new bath sheets or soft fluffy towels, are items you shouldn’t be afraid to have extra of to ensure you start your days off right.

Tip 4 – Flannel Is Your Winter Fabric of Choice

“Flannelette sheets are a must!” says Shaynna when it comes to the bedroom. Despite Spring being the season most people opt for a clean out, the colder months are the perfect time to clean out your linen closet and ensure you are stocked with cosy flannelette sheets for some extra added comfort.

“Flannelette sheets are the fabric of choice for winter, and will keep you warm throughout the night especially when the temperature drops,” says Shaynna. “As well as warm sheets, a hot water bottle, warm bed socks and a candle for that extra ambient light will have you looking forward to retiring for the night with your favourite book”.

From Marl Flannelette Sheets and Quilt Covers to aromatic candles in either Tea Rose, Jasmine Green Tea, Orange Blossom or Gardenia, the entire Shaynna Blaze range will have you looking forward going to bed a little earlier. If you’re having guests stay over during winter, Shaynna also has one more recommendation for the bedroom. “I love to leave flannelette pajamas in the guest room as well – they’re just so snuggly!”

Shaynna Blaze Hotham Quilt Cover Set

Tip 5 – Stock up on Creature Comforts

One way to ward off the winter blues and to make your home warm is to stock up on items that add extra elements of comfort. The more cushions on your sofa the better, and this is especially true during the colder months.

“Anyone who knows me, knows I love cushions! Mixing and matching your cushions and having more to snuggle up with in winter is a win-win in terms of comfort and style,” says Shaynna.

Flannelette sheets will keep you warmer and help you sleep better in the winter, and the addition of an electric blanket provides a truly cosy feeling ensuring you don’t crawl into a cold bed when you retire for the night.

For more tips inside your home, from the bedroom to the bathroom, your closet to the kitchen, sign up to receive all the latest news and offers from Harris Scarfe.

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