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‘Me Time’ tips with Tiff Hall

Pursuing a career as an author, journalist and health presenter, Tiffiny Hall, is best known as the fierce Taekwondo trainer on Australia’s Biggest Loser. Tiff took a moment out of her life as a new mum, running her business TiffXO and pursuing a truly mindful lifestyle to share a few tips and tricks with us.

My fitness routine has definitely changed since my little Ninja came along, I mean, how am I supposed to work out if I can’t even go to the bathroom alone!? Something that I am quickly learning is a mum’s to-do list is never-ending, and never done! Life is nappy bags and prams but soon it will be carpool and school lunches and footy games…I’m already tired just thinking about the Mum Taxi.

Sticking with an exercise routine can be a bit tough for anyone (including me!). It’s such an important part of my life, not just because of work but because of the things it does for ME. It helps me say see ya to stresses and makes me feel strong and empowered. And since I’ve become a Mum, it’s an important way for me to get some “me minutes” in. Regular exercise offers a HEAP of amazing physical and mental benefits for all of those yummy mummies out there. Including increased energy, weight control, healthier self-image, stress relief and improved mood, improved sleep and endorphins screaming around your bod in joy, just to name a few.

I always thought I was a multi tasker, I could juggle work, Ed, training, working out and then Arnie came along. Bless his cotton socks but I have soon realised what I knew about managing my time was nothing. I remembered that everyone has the same amount of times in the day, so whether you or not you choose to exercise all comes down to how you spend your time. Some days I don’t get to my Dojang, and that’s okay too.

It’s important that you make exercise a priority to you. Check out my best tips to ensure that you still get some shiny me time in.

1. Date night
It’s time you schedule a workout date. We never cancel meetings or appointments. So schedule your workout as a meeting. Put it in your calendar. Be it every day or 3 times a week, block out some shine time, work your day around it and don’t cancel. Plan ahead to stay ahead.

2. Find yourself Fitness Folk
Our motivation can often be tested, so don’t let that be a temptation. Find yourself a workout wing person and don’t go at it alone. Make yourself accountable when you’re scheduling in your workouts and include a buddy. Working out together will ensure you do the most important thing and show up! My TIFFXO Ninjas have a built-in cheer squad in our private Facebook community, as we all push and encourage each other. Support will keep you going, plus everyone loves a high-5 when you smash your planking personal best.

3. Reward yourself – Try the Activewear Reward Jar
It’s so important to reward yourself after a hard slog week of working out, not with food treats but self care and something fun. Avoid food rewards and go with cosy self care instead. Perhaps it’s watching a movie, painting your nails, a scented bath by candle light, or a summer walk along the beach. Schedule your self care reward and focus on that. Something I encourage my members on tiffxo to do is to do an Activewear Reward Jar. $1 in a jar every time they do something healthy – perhaps they flexed their assertive muscle and said no to something that was indeed saying yes to themselves, perhaps it’s a healthy salad they chose at the food court instead of a burger, perhaps it was 15 minutes of exercise they squeezed in on their lunch break. Put $1 in the jar and at the end of the month put that money towards some fab new activewear. If you need some inspiration check out my Tiffiny Hall for FILA range, now available in-store and online at Harris Scarfe.

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4. Try something completely fresh
Just because you’re in a time poor workout rut, doesn’t mean you can’t come out the other side with new skills, and awesome new activewear. Try something new. If you love running and it’s too hot, try HIIT training, if you’re a swimmer but that pool is just chockers with all of those summer swimmers, why not try some martial arts, if you’re finding it hard to hit the gym, suspend your gym membership for a month and try an online training program like mine,

5. Prep City, population: you (and the fam)
Prepping makes life ALOT easier. Don’t leave it up to Morning You to decide what to wear to your workout. Lay everything out (including that water bottle!) the night before so all you have to do is put on that active gear and get going. Though let’s be honest, if you’re at home and all you need to do is press play, then working out in pjs is also an option!

6. A different kind of Ninja
Sometimes you need to learn how to stealthily workout when your schedule is FULL. It’s all about sneaking in that workouts in between feeds, baths and bedtime stories. Try 10 mins of strength training when the little ones are doing tummy time or run on that treadmill when you’re all sitting down to watch TV. The beauty of means my sessions are in levels, so you can smash out a level and return to the others once you have a spare second. You never know, if you work out in the lounge room you may get some family members joining you for some of the boxing and lunges.

7. Incidental exercise
If you’re really struggling for time to work out, try finding some time in those moments you never thought that there WAS time! Welcome to your RUNch break. Block out your time previously spent munching on a sandwich perusing the internet and instead use that time to work out, go for a run, do some stretching. You have your time, now commit to it. Find that even that lunch time moments are a bit of a stretch? Use other moments when you’re out and about to move your body. At the playground with your little ones? Play along side with them. Step ups, push ups or even pull up on the monkey bars! Those little moments of exercise add up quickly. Remember, some days are going to be easier than others, the real success is pushing through and hanging in there. Some days will run like a dream and others you will wonder where the day went. Try and stick to your plan and if not, make the most of the little moments. Squat when you hang out the washing and do lunges down the hallway.

8. About dem zzzzs
I may be living in a dream world when I say this, but try as best you can to get some sleep at night time. 6-8 hours is vital to physical, mental and emotional health. Disconnect from tech an hour before you go to bed and you’ll see a massive shift in energy making you more productive when you need to be.

9. A pumping playlist
A pumping playlist can go a long way. Try my TIFFXO Spotify playlist for some summer motivation!

It’s time to get your Ninja on with Tiffiny Hall for FILA, exclusive to us.

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