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Blue Velvet with Shaynna Blaze

Blue Velvet with Shaynna Blaze 9
Blue Velvet with Shaynna Blaze 5

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Known for its soft texture and sense of comfort, velvet has quickly become the on trend choice for interiors. It is a versatile fabric, that lends itself well to both minimalist and maximalist designs, making it easy to adapt to the existing style of your home.

Combining a gorgeous floral pattern of Australian natives with soft, luxurious velvet, the Shaynna Blaze Valley quilt cover set brings the local flora of nature into your home. This stunning design offers the perfect complement to a neutral palette and provides a truly unique, local style.


To further compliment your home, don’t just stop in the bedroom. Update your bathroom with fresh towels this season in a range of colours and texture that talk to the seasons trends. Allow them to stand out loud and proud using them as a design piece to elevate the room.

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