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Home Inspiration Shaynna Blaze

Fall for our top three autumn trends

It’s time to update your favourite spaces with some fresh, Autumn flair. Don’t be daunted, we’re keeping it simple but the results will be anything but… Time to decorate!

We’re excited to welcome autumn’s arrival. From the global folk trend to contemporary cool at home, it’s time to update your favourite spaces with some fresh new season flair. The best way to move forward is to take it one step at a time – and here’s where highlights are the key. Concentrate on one element – be it texture, tone or theme – and apply a touch of each, room by room. This way you can try the essence of a trend to sample, live with it awhile, and see how you like it. There’s no reason to be daunted, here’s some inspiration how…

Rapee assorted cushions (available in-store only), Phase 2 Sophie Textured Throw Silver (available in-store only),
Designs may vary from store to store.

A touch of folk
Cushions create an instant face-lift to any sofa, your favourite cosy chair, or scattered anywhere in your living room. They’re an easy way to make a style statement, yet affordable enough to update for the change of season. So experiment this autumn with some fashionable new items and go for bold prints. Our Rapee cushions create a vibrant fusion of graphic geometrics and fresh-look tribal patterns – very on-trend. Add our Phase 2 super-soft throw to enrich texture and enhance the handcrafted vibe. Remember, natural and neutral tones best achieve that earthy global folk feel. But if you prefer something stronger, monochrome is always a winner. And for a zesty highlight, add a splash of rusty yellow, old gold, or a deep mustard.

Linen House Hanei Quilted Cover Set (QB),
Linen House Hanei European Pillowcases (in-store only),
Linen House Hanei Cushion (in-store only),
Shaynna Blaze Macedon Quilted Cushion Silver,
Soren Flinders Knitted Throw (Wine)

A blooming bedroom
To refresh the bedroom, we suggest you take your inspiration from the milder weather and nature’s change of season. Look no further than this plush Linen House quilt cover set. Dramatic yet classic, this ornate Japanese blossom print introduces an exotic floral theme into your space, creating a sense of extreme comfort and elegance. In must-have seasonal shades of indigo, blush and plum, you’ll drift into a dreamy sleep under this deeply soothing print. Lastly, it’s easy to amp up the style and softness with a rich wine throw. One of our favourites is this one from Soren – it’s an essential as the temperature starts to slide.

Soren Bells Piped Cushion Charcoal,
Soren Bells Piped Cushion Dove Grey,
Shaynna Blaze Macedon Quilted Cushion Morocco Blue,
Shaynna Blaze Macedon Quilted Cushion White,
Soren Knitted Throw Flinders (Charcoal),
Linen House Vases (in-store only)

Tonal beauty
Warm tones and lively brights are synonymous with summer. So flip the colour wheel and consider how you can add a few key pieces for an elegant seasonal reinvention. Consider how you can effortlessly usher in autumn with some cool, contemporary tones. What’s top of the colour charts right now? With midnight blue confirmed as a major trend for the season, we’re introducing our Shaynna Blaze Macedon quilted cushion in moroccon blue. Team with a pale mint green for a refreshing accent – charming in these vases by Linen House (in-store only). Buy a pair to decorate your living space, enliven your bedside, or place in the hall. Then explore a darker ambience with various tones of grey – like these charcoal cushions and throw by Soren, or a silvery hue in a cushion by Shaynna Blaze – and transform the new season into a truly stylish beauty.

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