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Introducing the Linen Club

Introduction to Linen Club 4

We’ll cover off every room in the house; be it the right way to layer towels in your bathroom for that fresh spring look, the faux fur you need to throw across your lounge or expert advice from our design guru, Shaynna Blaze on the essential products every bed needs..

Linen Club is here to help you create the looks you’ve always wanted with prints, textures and fabrics for every home.

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Did you know that linen is seasonal? Be it the material your quilt is made from, the thread count of your sheets or the blankets you put on your bed, understanding what works best and when is essential. That’s why we’ve dedicated more than a few editions of Linen Club to helping you understand the products that work best all year round.

We’ve curated a selection that is not only functional but also on trend, with the latest prints, luxury textures and quality fabrics from some of the best.



When it comes to linen, it’s all about matching the fabric to the occasion. Over the coming editions, we’ll help you better understand what works best and when by letting you in on how to spot the perfect fabric.

We’ll look at how wool and feather & down can be used to keep you snug and warm, how innovative natural fibres like tencel and cotton are just what you need to cool off in summer – and that’s just the beginning.

Linen Club is here to provide you with the expert advice you need to balance the functional needs (like keeping warm), against the styling tips you’re dying to read – to turn your home into the practical paradise you’ve always wanted.



At Linen Club, we believe in offering you the best, in both quality and price. We have carefully curated a range of brands that you can get excited about for less.

You’ll get up close and personal to the natural luxury of Sheridan’s sheets and towels. See why Soren’s wide range of trending textures and colours are right for your home. And how quilts by Ardor are designed to perfectly regulate your body temperature.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, with the latest styles from Linen House, Shaynna Blaze, Gainsborough, Tontine & Minijumbuk just to name a few all right here.

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