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Big brands to help spring clean your home

Spring is in the air and for many that means it’s time for spring cleaning. We’ve saved you some time by compiling a list of recommendations, starting with the big brands that can help you update your bedroom

Did you know that everyday items from toasters to non-stick pans, pillows, toppers and quilts, all need replacing every now and then? But which household items should we ditch, and where can we pick up the small wins?

Well, we’ve saved you some time by compiling a list of recommendations, starting with the big brands that can help you update your bedroom.

Pillows: Every 1-2 years

Depending on the type and how often you wash them, all pillows should be replaced every 1-2 years. After all, we use them every night!

Tontine offer unparalleled quality in pillows and quilts, with a range that caters to every sort of sleeper. Whether you prefer your pillows lofty or made of latex, you’ll find a comfy option for everyone that lasts, and at a great price.

And with innovative date stamps on their products, you’ll be reminded when it’s time to ditch the old and bring in the new.

Quilts/Duvets/Doonas: Every 5 years

If your quilt doesn’t feel as soft and fluffy as it used to, you might need a replacement. Upgrading to a seasonal quilt will save you money, and maybe even some lost sleep. Tontine offer quality quilts in different weights, sizes and warmth ratings to give you the greatest possible night’s sleep.

For summer, opt for a lightweight (gsm) quilt in a microfibre or bamboo material. Or a heavier quilt, made of wool, feathers or down for the cooler months.

And when you switch between quilts seasonally, not only will they last longer – you’ll sleep comfier with covers fit for each season. No more twisting and tugging!

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Linen: Yearly (Optional)

A bedroom that’s cool, dark and quiet fosters more restful slumber. So, while you’re upgrading your manchester, stock up on fresh palettes and prints from Linen House and create your own sleep sanctuary! We’re loving the lush Rosabelle print with a bamboo cotton sheet set.

The balance of greenery and pastel pink makes it perfect for updating your room for the summer.

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Dinnerware: Optional

If it’s chipped, cracked, scratched or stained, you should consider a replacement – and Casa Domani are the perfect brand to help you entertain guests with pride!

With an emphasis on quality and design, their collections are guaranteed to bring flair and flavour to every meal. Bring on the summer sun, fresh air, and meals shared with friends and family.

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Non-stick cookware: 2 years

What’s the point of eating healthy, when damaged cookware could be harming your health?

We’ve been advised to replace scratched or damaged cookware, especially non-stick, every 2-years. World-leaders in this department Tefal, can help you out with affordable ceramic coated, hard anodized, and induction-friendly options to suit your style. Or better yet, go cast iron!

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So when you’re cleaning out the cupboards this spring, refresh your home with quality, big brands at great prices. Head to your nearest store or shop our latest catalogue now.

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