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As Seen in Better Homes and Gardens

With the colder months settling in, you’ll be cosying up in your bed, ready for deep sleeps and long lie-ins, thanks to the range of homewares coming through Harris Scarfe. Create the perfect place in which to lay your head after a long day. You can start building your dream bedroom with Simply Vera Vera Wang’s tranquil, soft and luxurious bedding range. With the soft palette, you’ll be able to add a touch of yourself in every turn, from velvety cushions to lush throws. Every bed deserves the best bedding, to help your sleep be deeper than ever. With the SVVW range of wool topped pillows and wool quilts, your bed will feel nothing but cosy, cushiony, soft and inviting. The weather outside might be cold, but your bedroom will be warm and welcoming.

However, creating your dream bedroom doesn’t have to stop at just making it a lush place to lie down, but it’s with the small details. Nothing makes a place feel more comfortable and homely than a beautiful aroma wafting through the room. You can tailor make your own scents from Mozi’s latest range of candles and diffusers. Your room will be taking you to a new place in no time. From diffusers setting out a slow release of calming aromas, to lighting one of their lux candles to set the mood – it makes sense to think about your scents.

As the temperature drops, you’re practically guaranteed the deepest of sleeps – thanks to the new range of bedding and homewares from Harris Scarfe.

Build Your Bedroom with Simply Vera Vera Wang + Mozi.
As seen in Better Homes and Gardens.

As Seen in Better Homes and Gardens 1

SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG Australian Super Washable Wool Quilt Queen Bed

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As Seen in Better Homes and Gardens 2

SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG Premium Australian Wool Topped Pillow

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As Seen in Better Homes and Gardens 9

SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG 1000TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set King Bed

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As Seen in Better Homes and Gardens 4

MOZI Velvet Cushion

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As Seen in Better Homes and Gardens 5

MOZI Classic Candle Blood Orange 240g

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As Seen in Better Homes and Gardens 6

MOZI Reed Diffuser Blood Orange 150mL

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